Consumers more trusting of local businesses than large enterprises

Local dentists, hairdressers and gardeners more trusted to offer a good service at a fair price than the likes of car dealers and estate agents

41% of people in the UK have said they are more trusting of local businesses than larger companies, according to a new survey from Yell.

The study claims that this confidence in smaller-scale locals coincides with a loss of public faith in big business, the government and the media.

Respondents said they were most trusting of dentists, hairdressers and gardeners, while car dealers, estate agents and letting companies were viewed as the least trusted to give a good standard of service at a fair price.

The study also highlighted the power of word of mouth for locals, with 77% of those surveyed saying they would take advice from a friend or family member when choosing who to use.

Richard Hanscott, CEO of Yell, said: “While public sentiment towards established institutions such as governments, media and large corporates is at a record low, the need for reliable information in the era of ‘fake news and ‘alternative facts’ is growing.

“Our research shows that while trust for the traditional societal pillars is waning, local businesses are stepping up to the plate to fill this vacuum.”

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