Local government isn’t doing enough to support business, report claims

In a survey of 1,300 business leaders, 70% said they felt local government failed business in 2016 - a 10% increase on 2015

Britain’s business leaders don’t think local government is doing enough to support business growth, despite devolution efforts, a new survey claims.

More positively, 65% of the survey respondents reported turnover growth in 2016 while more than half of the business leaders surveyed said the Brexit decision had made no impact on their business “whatsoever”.

Conducted by Company Check, The Business Census report surveyed 1,300 business owners – ranging from sole traders to companies with over 1,000 employees – on areas such as economic growth, politics, recruitment, and government.

While 75% of the businesses surveyed said they expect to grow in 2017, 70% said they felt local government failed business in 2016 and hadn’t done a ‘good job’ – a 10% rise on survey results in 2015.

Given that officials are calling for further devolution of power in 2017, Company Check has said the findings should “play an important part in local government strategy moving forward”, especially “when formulating their plans for budget allocation and business support”.

Company Check concluded:

“Overall, 2016 has been another challenging year for UK businesses particularly with reference to the economy and political uncertainty, and fears for the coming year will no doubt play a large role in the narrative about business in the coming weeks.

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“However, positive outlooks from our business leaders for growth in 2017 suggest there is hope for the economy yet.”


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