The location analytics company inventing a new way of audience discovery

Founders: Alex Polyakov and Alexei Poliakov
April 2013

Understanding your customers is central to the success of any business and Locomizer offers a new way for companies to engage with their consumer base.

It uses location mobile data, which people freely share on social media networks such as Facebook and Foursquare, to create accurate user profiles generated by the places and surroundings where users spend their time.

The service operates on the concept that our real-life interests and preferences are a ‘product of our local footprint’ and allows businesses to use the profile data to inform their audience targeting strategy.

With backgrounds in PhD level science and the mobile and telecoms industry, Polyakov and Poliakov spent years researching behaviour in nature and humans and realised that they could create a nature-based algorithm which would provide a new means of audience discovery.

In just eight months the duo have turned this algorithm into a fast-growth business model and have attracted five major clients with plans to deliver a full-scale launch with commercial partners over the next year.

“Making location relevant”, the disruptive service was recognised in the Startups 100 2013 index and featured in Mashable’s top 25 UK start-ups.


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