LogMeIn to join ‘internet of things’ through Pachube deal

Remote access specialist set to expand repertoire through $15m purchase

Remote access provider LogMeIn has completed the $15m acquisition of Pachube, a platform enabling users to share real-time data via the ‘internet of things’.

The deal will enable LogMeIn, a specialist in the remote control of computers and mobile devices, to expand its repertoire through Pachube, which specialises in connecting people and devices to the internet of things – a worldwide network of tools and gadgets which send and receive data via the web.

Founded in 2008, Pachube is capable of establishing connections between all manner of devices – from health and energy monitors to automotive parts. For example, hundreds of radiation-monitoring feeds were recently set up using the firm’s platform in Japan, following the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Experts predict more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet of things within two decades. Over seven million devices have already been connected using Pachube technology.

Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn, said: “We believe the volume of devices coming online, and the amount of data they will generate, will dwarf the internet as we know it today.

“The Pachube team has a deep understanding of the technical challenges and opportunities that (the internet of things) represents, and we believe they’ve built a service that will change the way people interact with their devices, their environment and each other.”



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