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Logo design service 1: The logo generator

Automated generators are free and fast, but what are the quality implications?

Best for: Price and speed of turnaround
Compromise: Quality

What is it?

A logo generator is a free website service which automates a range of possible logos for your business. The only input you can give to the design is the text that is displayed and the industry area your logo style should represent. These inputs are made on an online form and quite literally ‘at the push of a button' choices of possible logos are generated for you. The service is typically free – making a logo generator the cheapest of all the available logo design options. However these designs use standard catalogue images (or ‘clip art') for any graphical element of the logo, which are not copyrighted to any individual company. This therefore means you could see an identical image used in your logo on another business' design. Once you have used the generator to select a logo design no amends can be made, limiting the amount of control you  have over the style people will associate with your business.

Price: Free.
Value for money: Fair. The standard of design matches the price.
Quality of the design: Poor. One file format, low-res.
Contact with designer: No, online only.
Speed: Instant.
Ease of ordering process: Very easy – simply click a button!
Ease of creation process: Requires very little from the business owner.

The verdict:

The logo generator service is best for price and speed and is perfect for a one-off temporary business venture which may not survive as a long-term company, or for a very early concept that you're not sure yet whether you want to invest your money in taking to the next stage. However, it is a completely inflexible service which gives you, the business owner, very little control. Though the price of the service carries no risk to a start-up business, ask yourself if you mind potentially seeing your design replicated elsewhere? Or if you mind the logo generator dictating what will become your uniform business colours and style? If you want to build a professional reputation and for customers to share that perception, your logo should match your intent.

For example:


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