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Logo design service 2: The DIY logo maker or builder

For start-ups looking to create their own logo, a DIY maker enables you to create a simplistic, generic design

Logo design service 1: The logo generator
Logo design service 2: The DIY logo maker or builder
Logo design service 3: Custom logo design

Logo design service 4: Bespoke logo design
Logo design service 5: Branding agency service

Best for: Ease of creation and speed
Compromise: Quality and design limitation

What is it?

A DIY Logo maker is a free, or low cost, online interface where a user may create their logo  themselves. Typically, the interface is very simple to use, guiding the user through set ‘steps' to create the logo by adding one element at a time – such as the logo text, graphic, border, colours and tagline. The choice of styles that can be applied to each element of the logo is limited. For example, the user would be given a choice of roughly 10 standard fonts from a menu and clicking one option would instantly apply that font to the logo. Once the style of each aspect of the logo has been determined, the final step is to reposition the elements of the logo, often with ‘drag and drop' functionality built in to the interface. The final file is then saved, paid for if necessary, and downloaded instantly to your own computer, in one file format. It's worth noting that having your logo provided in a number of formats will offer greater flexibility, as ideally you need different formats for the web, print, full-colour etc. To be given this option, you'll need at least a custom logo design service.

Free or low cost.
Value for money: Average. The interface is powered totally by the user.
Quality of the design: Poor – once again uses catalogue images and fonts.
Contact with designer: No, online only tool with no personal support.
Speed: Live.
Ease of ordering process: Very easy.
Ease of creation process: Requires total input from the user. Live edit-ability.

The verdict:

A DIY logo maker or builder is the ideal solution for speed and ease of creation. Though the interface requires total input and control from the user, the ability to edit your design live is advantageous as you can watch your logo emerge step by step, and make amendments as you realise which aspects of the design look strong, and which don't. However, there are many potential problems with using this service. Once again the style choices are limited to clip art and standard fonts. This means your logo is not 100% unique and there is nothing to stop another business from using an identical element of your logo – for example, the icon you've chosen. In addition, the fragmented approach to the design often gives the finished result an unprofessional, clumsy feel. Creating each element of your logo separately can mean that the design doesn't ‘work' as a whole, which will weaken the power of your logo design. If you want a logo that packs a punch and will launch the brand your business will be known for, this is not the service for you.

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