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Logo design service 3: Custom logo design

If you’re looking for a logo created by a designer, a custom service can offer fast but not unique designs

Best for: Ease of ordering
Compromise: Quality

What is it?

A custom logo design service uses a logo designer, not a computer, to make your logo. Unlike the automated logo services, custom logo design businesses cannot provide an instant turnaround of your designs, because there is a level of human design input involved, however turnaround is still relatively fast and can be as quick as half an hour. In theory, having a designer create your logo should mean that a higher quality of design is delivered. However, it is important to realise that ‘custom' logo design services do not approach creating your logo in the same way as professional bespoke designers, who draw from scratch every element of your design. As suggested by the name, a ‘custom' logo design service will base your design on a starting template and then customise the style of the font and images based on your preferences. The images used will come from a catalogue, and the fonts may be extremely popular and over-used.  This explains how they are able to ensure a fast turnaround, with the compromise being quality.

Price: Under £100.
Value for money: Poor. You are essentially paying for someone else to use a DIY Logo Maker.
Quality of the design: Not wonderful. Nothing is hand-drawn or bespoke to your business.
Contact with designer: Yes, although they are not always UK based.  Worthwhile looking for the registered company address if this is important to you – we couldn't always find one!
Speed: Very fast turnaround for a human designer service. However, if a design can be created in half an hour this should raise doubts about the uniqueness of the design work.
Ease of ordering process: Fairly simple.
Ease of creation process: Straightforward.

The verdict:

Custom logo design services use human designers, meaning your logo will benefit from the expertise of a designer's opinion and creation – in theory giving you a better quality of logo than the automated services. However, it can be hard to guarantee the individuality of the design you receive, given that your logo will not be drawn from scratch. If speed of creation is a driving factor for you, this service could be ideal. However, do bear in mind that if a company can produce six logo designs for £25 the amount of time they will be dedicating to each design will be very limited, and it's unlikely they'll be producing anything original.   The time spent creating these logos should be reflected in the price so ensure you don't pay the cost of a bespoke design service. Some custom design services can exploit customer expectations by implying that the service is bespoke when it isn't; ensure you only pay for what this level of service is worth.

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