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Logo design service 5: Branding agency service

Branding agencies come with a high price tag, but are they worth the extra spend?

Logo design service 1: The logo generator
Logo design service 2: The DIY logo maker or builder
Logo design service 3: Custom logo design
Logo design service 4: Bespoke logo design
Logo design service 5: Branding agency service

Best for: High quality large-scale projects
Compromise: Price, speed

What is it?

A branding agency will consult with you, the business owner, on large scale projects – such as logo design, a shop fit, product packaging and your website's look. They will then create and present compelling ideas that will help to form the brand of your company and get it strategically recognised. These projects will often all be taken on as part of one larger branding project and can cost thousands of pounds. For this reason, you'll need to have a firm idea of what you want to achieve in terms of your company's overall branding. Branding agencies tend to work with bigger companies, or fast-growing start-ups that are looking to grow their brand quickly and have large marketing budgets.

Price: £1,000-plus.
Value for money: Average. It's an expensive service that should deliver great quality.
Quality of the design: High.
Contact with designer: Yes – you will have lots of meetings and discussions to ensure your logo encapsulates your brand.
Speed: Slow – to create, present and deliver a great brand could take weeks.
Ease of ordering process: Complex – lots of consultations.
Ease of creation process: Complex – lots of consultations.

The verdict:

A branding agency is a fantastic thing to consider if your business is looking for a face-to-face service and has a large marketing budget available. The agency will determine a gap in your desired market and plan the look of your logo, alongside other projects, to seize this audience. However, this service can cost thousands of pounds and speed of turnaround is not a priority. For a small business owner, looking for a responsive service that will help to get his or her business up and running as quickly as possible, this is not the ideal service. If you want a professional service and a unique design but without the large cost of an agency, perhaps consider a bespoke logo design as a more realistic option, or a DIY logo maker if your need for a logo is urgent and not key to your business' success. Once your start-up company grows and your marketing budget increases you can always consider visiting a branding agency to work further on your company identity.

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  1. I think that the logo must be: 1 easily remembered, easy to pronounce 2. Can be made in color and B/W 3. Must be in vector format !

  2. Common mistakes is that business owners choosing logos they like it, let the marketing and designers do the work and create a proper visual identity. It’s not about you like it, it’s about representing your business. Too many cheap stuff out there, please be open minded.