London and Edinburgh home to UK’s priciest co-work spaces

Capital is officially the most expensive city for shared office space - Glasgow and Sheffield are cheapest cities for office rents

London is the most expensive city in the UK to rent out co-working space, at an average of £357 per space and person every month, according to research by SpareOffice.

Scotland’s capital Edinburgh was also named among the most expensive cites for shared offices, with an average monthly rent of £284, followed by Bristol (£265) and Oxford (£262).

Despite being the most expensive city, London also features the most significant difference in average asking rent due to location, facilities and access, giving companies of different sizes greater opportunity to choose a space based on their means.

Among the most affordable cities for co-working premises were Newcastle (£218), Glasgow (£210), and Sheffield (£205).

The research reflects similar findings in our Startups Cities Index, which provides information on the top 25 UK cities to start a business in outside of London.

Joe Vallender, chief executive of SpareOffice, said: “It’s difficult to predict how prices will change going forward as new spaces are being added to the market due to a growing demand from the UK’s start-up sector, and particularly the tech sector.

“However, we believe that prices will continue to rise as more and more companies embrace the flexible arrangements and collaborative environment offered by the co-working space providers.”


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