Loo brush innovation cleans up with £75,000 award

Edinburgh-based Spyglass Innovation has created a rubber device that "swipes a toilet clean with antimicrobial blades to kill all germs"

A reboot of the conventional toilet brush has won £75,000 investment from the Scottish EDGE Awards, with the intention of ramping up growth to help people save money on their toilet cleaning and reduce landfill.

Created by Spyglass Innovations, the LooBlade exchanges bristles for blades to provide what it refers to as a “non-clogging, germ-killing, water-repellent alternative to brush-based cleaners”.

The rubber innovation uses antimicrobial blades “that kill all germs on contact” so the user doesn’t have to rely on bleach.

Launched after a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015, the LooBlade has allegedly secured millions of orders after signing multiple global retail and distributor deals.

Garry Stewart, founder and CEO of Spyglass Innovations, said: “This is a massive achievement for everyone at Spyglass Innovations and gives us the financial platform to ramp up global manufacturing capacity for LooBlade and to hire the key sales staff that will help accelerate our growth.”

Scottish EDGE is a competition aimed at identifying and supporting Scotland’s up-and-coming, high-growth potential entrepreneurial talent.

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