Lord Livingston pledges personalised trade advice to 10,000 small businesses

Trade minister’s bid to meet £1 trillion export target by 2020

The new minister for trade and investment, Lord Livingston, has today announced a pledge to provide 10,000 small and medium-sized businesses with tailored advice on overseas trade, as part of the government’s bid to increase exports to £1 trillion a year by 2020.

The ex BT chief executive has stated that 300 UKTI officials will be asked to contact small and medium companies  to offer a “hands-on, personal” service in order to encourage export trade and grow the UK’s economy.

Discussing his vow, Livingston told the Daily Telegraph: “There are roughly 10,000 medium-sized companies in the UK and we should be in personal contact with all of them so they actually know what we do and also to work out how we can help them.

“If they don’t export, we will ask could they or should they be exporting, and if they do, then how can we help them export more.”

“We can help [businesses] as they go into countries, introduce them to people, help fund trade shows and bring them on trade trips.”


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