Greengrocer to Apprentice mogul worth £1.25bn: The rise of Lord Sugar

Ahead of the BBC's The Apprentice return next week, we take a look at the success story behind the face of the show...

If you’re asked to think of a famous UK entrepreneur, Lord Sugar is likely to be one of the first names that springs to mind.

Leaving school at the age of 16, by the age of 21 Sugar had established AMSTRAD (which would sell to BskyB almost 50 years later for £125m), and would go on to achieve a net worth of some £400m by his 40th birthday.

Now 70 years-old, the business mogul is said to be worth £1.25bn and has maintained an involvement in enterprise; partly through his starring role on the BBC’s The Apprentice where he invests £250,000 to go into partnership with a budding entrepreneur.

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Former Apprentice contestants and past winners which have benefitted from Lord Sugar’s investment and support include founders behind multi-million fast-growth companies such as ImpraGas, Climb Online and Tropic Skincare.

With the return of The Apprentice next Wednesday, we’ve taken a look back at Lord Sugar’s success story with this timeline from ABC Finance…


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