Luisa Zissman most searched company director in 2014

Celebrity ruled in 2014, with an Apprentice contestant and reality TV show star ranking top of most searched for directors

The Apprentice 2013 finalist, entrepreneur and media girl Luisa Zissman, is the most searched for female company director in 2014, after jumping up five places from the previous year according to analysis from Creditsafe.

Zissman – who has previously likened herself to Jessica Rabbit and Einstein – owns the company Sprinkles and Sparkles Ltd, is the director of Master Bakes Ltd with ex-husband Oliver Zissman and in March launched a new company selling bakeware, sugarcraft and decorating products, The Baker Shop Ltd.

While internet search popularity is no arbiter of financial success – top of the list Neville Wilshire’s company Save Britain Money Ltd went into administration in October – the idea of a cult of personality attached to a brand image is a surefire way to generate public interest in a product, which could make all the difference when it comes down to the consumers’ decision on the shop floor.

Also making the top 10 were household name entrepreneurs and latterly TV stars Lord Sugar, Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis, Simon Cowell, as well as Sir Richard Branson and ex-footballer David Beckham.

Sean Nutley, who achieved some notoriety last year for allegedly giving misleading statements about the financial health of AIM-listed Silverdell Plc, which subsequently slipped into administration, and the little-known but frequently named director Barbara Kahan.

With more than 1,000 active directorships, Kahan is known for the activities of her company A1 Company Services Limited, which specialises in providing free company incorporations to accountants, legal professionals and intermediaries.

Advertisers have long known that true success lies not just in selling products but in selling a lifestyle. And after making it to the final of Celebrity Big Brother, Zissman seems to agree with that old adage, ‘all publicity is good publicity’.

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A quick Google search of the celebrity reveals there is certainly still a media appetite for her personal life, with stories detailing her engagement, wealth and shopping habits. The question remains however whether this interest can translate to revenue, with her claims of the three companies £8m net worth a long way from The Independent’s own estimation of £194 in 2013.

Regardless, after the release of her own book, Wicked Cupcakes, this year Zissman is clearly doing something right. It will be interesting to see whether she can maintain this top spot through 2015, or whether she will be displaced by the latest wave of media savvy Apprentice alumni.


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