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How to make your brand look credible for overseas customers

Building a global profile is no mean feat. Here’s how to win credibility in new markets by securing a global web address and highlighting your heritage

JCB to Dyson, Burberry to Body Shop… global brands started in Britain are often synonymous with quality and heritage.

So, is the demand there for you to become a name of international repute? And how will you give your brand the gloss of credibility to convert those overseas customers?

You’ve got a product or service you think the world is crying out for. The resources are there to start expanding into new markets. You have a strong UK customer base. But is your brand going to retain its credibility on the global stage? Will it translate to a new audience with different tastes and values?

It's time to explore all the challenging factors in your export plan as well as the big opportunity. That way you'll be able to deliver in multiple territories with different laws, customs, and currencies.

And the first place they’ll come into any contact with your business is likely to be your website. Which is why your choice of domain name is all-important.

Secure a domain name with global reach

What’s in a name? A lot if you want to get new customers to think your brand is credible. The most universally recognised web address is a .com domain name, arguably the global online standard that will help to ensure your business is trusted by consumers and businesses alike.

Having a .com name puts you in good company. There are over 120 million registered .com domain names including the world’s most established brands.

Absolutely anyone can register a .com domain name and there are many different hosts to choose from. You can find out if your .com domain is available through a host such as Verisign and set up your website today. When deciding on your domain name, remember to:

  • Keep it short
  • Use keywords
  • Make it memorable
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
  • Make it easy to pronounce

Tell your story – heritage counts

A good story is universal, and a compelling brand story will have consumers of all nationalities getting on board with your company.

Even if you’re a relatively new business, you can create heritage by digging into your family history, your own life story, the origin of the materials or ingredients you use in a product or food and beverage business, or even the history of your region.

Anything that ties the brand to a sense you wish to convey and gives it an emotional depth that will resonate with your target market will be effective when telling your brand story.

Emphasise your British-ness

British brands have a unique advantage when it comes to international trade: their, well… Britishness.

Yes, the ‘Made in Britain’ label still holds sway around the world. As mentioned in the introduction, it remains synonymous with quality and a history of manufacturing and engineering. In fact, companies that label their products as ‘Made in Britain’ can demand a higher premium for their goods.

And Brexit doesn’t seem to have dampened the appeal, with brand Britain goods increasingly in demand in emerging markets such as China and South Africa.

Share your qualifications and certifications

Being able to show off internationally recognised certifications and qualifications is an easy way to display credibility to other businesses and potential customers. Any logos that highlight these qualifications can be prominently displayed anywhere customers are likely to see them such as on your website or products.

Work with credible overseas partners

Your partners can have as much bearing on the public perception of your brand as you do, so choose them well. A loose link at any stage of the chain could bring your company into disrepute. This means being fastidious about your manufacturing, taking payments, or the transport of your goods . All the average consumer has to go on is their experience of buying and receiving the product and they will see any fault in that journey as your fault.

In today’s world, it doesn’t take long for bad reviews to spread online, ruining reputations and damaging credibility irreparably. Research potential partners online to find ones that are reliably recommended.

Henry Williams
Henry Williams

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