Manchester Imaging scoops £265,000 to “save NHS millions”

University of Manchester spin-out which specialises in software for the dental industry has secured investment from Co Angel Investment and GMCA

A preventative software start-up that promises to save the NHS millions of pounds, Manchester Imaging Limited, has raised £265,000 in a round backed by the Co Angel Investment service and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).

Founded by Hugh Devlin and Dr Jim Graham, University of Manchester spin-out Manchester Imaging has developed analytics and diagnostics software for the dental industry.

Its software is designed to spot tooth decay and other potential dental problems earlier and claims to “empower” patients to look after their teeth more effectively.

The company uses Active Shape Models (ASM) and Active Appearance Modelling (AAM) which analyse models, shapes and faces and are widely used for a variety of medical purposes, including facial recognition, but have been adapted for the dental market.

The start-up will use the investment to progress development of its software platform and add new licensee partnerships with an end-goal to save insurance companies and governments millions when it comes to critical dental repair.

Manchester Imaging CEO, Tony Travers, said:

“We hope that, by empowering practitioners and patients to better identify potential problems, we will be able to save local services’ and insurers’ money, whilst ensuring that people have healthy teeth and gums right into old age.”


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