Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook on hiring the right people [Video]

The first thing I look for when hiring is raw intelligence, says Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg says the two most important things he looks for when hiring new employees are “raw intelligence” and “alignment”.

He explains that you could hire a “software engineer, who’s been doing it for ten years… but if you find someone who’s raw intelligence exceeds theirs but has ten years less experience, then they can probably adapt and learn quicker” – that is to say that skills can be taught, raw intelligence can’t. “Within a very short space of time”, he adds, that person may “be able to do a lot of things that that person may never be able to do”.

Zuckerberg explains that the second thing he looks for is “just alignment with what we’re trying to do”. It’s important to have employees that believe in what the company is trying to achieve so that they “really work hard” and towards the same goals.

He admits that the best people he’s hired so far “didn’t really have that much engineering experience… but they were just really smart, really willing”. He concludes that this is why he hires “people out of college” – young malleable minds, eager to learn.

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