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Insightly develops cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and project management tools for small and medium sized businesses.

Read on for a review of Insightly’s CRM products and how the company could help your small business build important relationships, boost sales and deliver projects.

Insightly CRM introduction

Insightly was founded in 2009 to help an Australian mining company manage relationships with its customers. It now has more than 1.5 million users in 25,000 companies across a range of industries and countries around the world.

Insightly’s simplicity is one of the best features of its CRM feature, and with prices – after the free version – starting from (£9.00) $12 per month, it is more than affordable for small businesses. It claims to be the world’s most popular CRM software for Google and Office365 users.

PlanRecord limitCost
Free2 users only/ 2,500 £0/month
Basic25,000(£9.00) $12/month

Insightly CRM products

Insightly’s products are designed to help its customers build and track relationships to plan their sales approach, accelerate sales with automated lead capture and distribution, and deliver projects by automating repeat assignments with pipelines.

These include mass email, templates, scheduling, auto-triggers, and a built-in phone dialler that logs and records your calls.

It divides its product offering into three distinct services:

  • Build customer relationships – Insightly stores and enables you to access everything you could possibly want to know about a lead or customer in a single location, including communications history, key relationships, events and tasks, social profiles, sales opportunities and project involvement. Its free mobile CRM app means it can be accessed on any device, wherever you are. It also integrates with Gmail and Outlook, meaning you don’t have to leave your email to carry out tasks.
  • Accelerate sales – Insightly facilitates lead capture by allowing you to scan business cards with the CRM app, add lead capture forms to your website, use Gmail and Outlook add ins to turn emails into leads and import leads from other applications. Emails are tracked by Insightly so you can be notified when they are opened, forwarded or clicked, whilst it monitors the performance of different templates to determine the best one. It automates multi-step business processes with workflow automation and automatically routes leads to the relevant sales rep so they can strike while they’re still hot.
  • Deliver projects – Insightly can coordinate employee, contractor, and partner activity with its task and event management features, create recurring tasks, schedule calendar appointments with leads or contacts, and link them to projects. Templated sets of tasks and events can be created and applied across multiple projects, with task owners able to be automatically notified of the next step. It also allows files from anywhere – be that Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Insightly – to be saved with projects so everyone can access the latest information.

Insightly review summary

Reasonably priced, fully featured and easy to get to grips with, Insightly’s offering has everything a small business owner could need from CRM software, accessible either in the office or on the go via its mobile app.

Insightly’s cloud-based CRM software helps to streamline business processes with automated workflows that help to save you time and money, and give you peace of mind. What’s more, it’s range of plans make it ideal for everyone from micro-businesses to growing businesses and can easily be upgraded as you grow.

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