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Martech: 6 marketing technology solutions to make your small business stand out

Move over adtech, martech is the new buzzword on the lips of marketing brands and agencies. Here are the martech solutions you need to check out...

Every marketing manager’s dream is identical to their absolute nightmare – there are just so many marketing technology, otherwise known as ‘martech', solutions to choose from.

But where it really gets difficult is assessing exactly which solution will move the needle and what’s actually going to make the job of marketing your small business easier.

Businesses are struggling to understand what martech means to their brand, their customers and their bottom line because they are too obsessed with what ‘marketing’ means.

These six start-ups prove that martech solutions come in all shapes and sizes, and could solve challenges you’ve yet to face; take a look at each offering and how they could transform your business' marketing strategy…

1. Good-Loop

There’s a huge amount of technology out there to help us target the right customers and to create content, but what about the end experience? And it needs to be one to remember, which is exactly what Good-Loop offers.

As an ethical video advertising platform, Good-Loop will never force someone to watch an advert. But, if they choose to engage, they get to give 50% of that brand’s advertising money to their chosen charitable cause.

Results so far have shown five times better click-through rates, two times better ad completion rates and 60% longer ad views.


2. Greengame

Greengame is another brilliant example of where martech an really stretch to.

Built to incentivise sustainable living, Greengame’s app and tech can automatically track people’s activities that impact the environment, enabling businesses to engage and reward their audience for living sustainably via gamified challenges.

At a time when the fastest growing purchasing and employment decision influencer is the green reputation of a company – Greengame is particularly relevant to brands looking to engage with purpose driven action.


3. Locomizer

Locomizer is a biology-inspired consumer profiling technology which can tell you where and when your target audience spend their time.

This means outdoor physical or digital advertising can be placed in the most effective locations at the most appropriate time and day.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) based on natural science and biological behaviour, combined with some incredible analytics, the tech can not only build geo-location profiles, but expose what places mean to each audience, who else is there and where they might be going next.

This is a brilliant solution for tying together both your digital and physical marketing campaigns.


4. Adlaunch

Sometimes your martech solutions don’t need to be techy, in fact, the exact opposite is often the dream.

Adlaunch enables anyone, from any company, in any position, to create a kick ass video campaign with no skills needed.

In just four steps you can have your finished video. All you need to do is choose your readymade design template, browse through hundreds of stock footage clips, add any of your own shots in and pick your music.


5. Release

The biggest challenge with influencer marketing is measuring return on investment, which is exactly what Release does.

Rather than paying influencers for impressions and ‘engagement’, Release lets you measure revenue generated and pay on performance.

Their platform automates everything end-to-end from influencer discovery and on boarding to tracking, gifting and pay outs, it's the all in one solution for brands that want to use influencers as affiliates.


6. Pixoneye

Pixoneye use predictive personalisation through image understanding. This enables brands to target their customers with incredible precision, and customers to see things genuinely relevant to them, not just what they’ve clicked on.

By using AI and computer vision to analyse users mobile photo galleries, Pixoneye – featured among the top UK start-ups of 2017 – can offer rich user insights and deliver real time, in-app hyper-personalisation.

This can then be used as a recommendation engine to display the most relevant content, event triggered advertising and incredible details user insights.


Tazz Gault is head of marketing for UK accelerator Collider; a three month rolling programme which supports marketing and sales tech start-ups and scale-ups.