Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee through masks of the Royal Family

Company: Mask-arade
Ray Duffy, Chris O’Nyan and Dean Walton
Celebrity masks: you can order a mask and masquerade as anyone you choose

What better way to show you are proud to be British than wearing a face mask of the Queen and the Royal Family! Last year, for Kate and William’s wedding, Mask-arade shipped over 250,000 royal masks. This year the company is on course to reach the one million mark following the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Director Ray Duffy says: “We feel we have the perfect product for this national occasion. We cannot thank the Royal Family enough! Everyone at Mask-arade is now waiting for Prince Harry to tie the knot, hopefully next year!”

Harry already increased sales by donning a mask of Prince William as he crossed the finishing line at a recent Sport Relief race in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Duffy adds: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Prince Harry wearing one of our Prince William masks. The picture was on the front page of most national newspapers around the world!”

Founded in 2008, Mask-arade has twice appeared on Dragons’ Den, firstly a couple of years ago when they left empty-handed, and more recently as a success story – featuring as one of ‘the ones that got away’.


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