Mayor pledges Olympic sustainability

Livingstone ensures local firms to be involved in works

London mayor Ken Livingstone has vowed the 2012 Olympics will be the ‘most sustainable’ Games ever.

Welcoming draft procurement principles from the fledgling Olympic Delivery Authority, Livingstone said the procurement process will ensure the great opportunities for local businesses.

“One of my key priorities over the next seven years will be to ensure local people and businesses benefit to the greatest possible extent,” said Livingstone.

“The London Games in 2012 will be far more than just a four-week festival of sport. They will be quite simply the most sustainable ever, leaving a lasting legacy of jobs, homes and environmental improvements for East London, London and Britain.”

Livingstone said that organisers are already discussing proposed programmes to develop the skills of local people to help them compete for the jobs created by the Games.

Organisers will also work with the companies delivering the Games, he said, to ensure that local communities are fully involved in the process.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) will use the draft procurement principles once parliament approves the London Olympics Bill and formally establishes the body.

The Bill is expected to pass its vote in the first half of 2006.


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