Microsoft launches entrepreneur curriculum

Software students have been given a new tool to bring out their entrepreneurial side.

Budding software entrepreneurs are being offered a new curriculum designed to prepare students for the challenges of succeeding in the sector.

The ‘Software Entrepreneurship for Students’ curriculum was launched by Microsoft, along with the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship (NCGE), at a special event at the company’s  campus in Reading.

The curriculum has been developed for technical universities and colleges to provide students with the ‘knowledge and tools’ to develop successful and sustainable ventures.

The course will comprise of nine topics, with individual learning objectives, PowerPoint presentations to serve as a teaching tool, and a special student resource guide, which will be provided for additional programming.

Microsoft said the curriculum would provide faculties with an additional tool to help students develop the ‘skills and competencies’ needed to fuel innovation, support entrepreneurship and aid employability.

Lars Lindstedt, a software economist for Microsoft UK, said the UK’s software industry is spurred by students’ ideas.

“The curriculum will help enable the talented people behind these innovations reach the next level.

“Initiatives like this drive further growth by making sure the best resources are available and helping people to develop the right skills for future successes,” he said.

Ian Robertson, the NCGE’s chief executive, added: “The UK’s future economic wellbeing rests to a huge extent on the entrepreneurial talents of its pool of graduates.

“The curriculum will make a significant contribution to helping students develop their entrepreneurial skills and ultimately benefit the knowledge economy.”

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