Mike Clare on opening new Dreams stores [Video]

Mike Clare discusses the process of opening stores across the country

Mike Clare describes the “opening mode” he got into every time he’d open a store in a new town. To make sure he found the best location he’d “drive around the main street” because “if it wasn’t on one of the main roads of the town it wasn’t worthwhile.” You can hire the best staff, and no matter how established your company is, if the store isn’t in a prominent location you’ll struggle to sell anything.

After Clare had found the perfect location he’d waste not time: “I’d see a store to let, ring the landlord up, negotiate a lease, put an advert in the local paper… employ the staff, put down a blue carpet, order the beds, have a grand opening, have a cake in the shape of a bed, invite the mayor and move on to the next store” – a tried and tested formula for opening a Dreams store, and clearly one that served him well.

That’s not to say it wasn’t all part of a learning process, and each time, Clare says “we’d do something a little bit better, or a little bit different.” As is often the case with making good business decisions the entrepreneur concludes: “It really wasn’t rocket science, it’s very simple stuff, and it’s just common sense a lot of it really.”



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