Mimosa founder regains control

Anthony Massouras buys back his shares which he sold to expand the company

Anthony Massouras, the founder and chief executive of Mimosa Healthcare, has bought back a 25% stake which he originally sold to private equity network Hotbed.

Mimosa, one of the UK’s largest nursing home groups, has grown considerably since Hotbed invested in it in June 2005.

The company has increased the number of homes it operates from 18 to 29 and has raised turnover from £15m to £27m.

The deal is Hotbed’s fifth successful exit and has generated an annual rate of return on its £5.15m investment of 31% bringing in a big profit for 65 members of its organisation.

“We’re very pleased that so many of our members achieved this excellent return on Mimosa which was, at the time, Hotbed’s largest private equity investment,” says Bernard Dale, head of private equity at Hotbed.

“We wish Anthony and his team well in the further development of the business,”

“We are building up a very good track record of highly profitable exits in both private equity and property and we also have a good flow of exciting new investments in the pipeline.”

Stephen Evans and Nick Lloyd of solicitors EMW law advised Hotbed on the sale of its Mimosa stake.

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