Miroma launches new venture with Bar Rumba acquisition

Marc Boyan unveils "ambitious plans" for 14 acquisitions in next 18 months

Marc Boyan unveils “ambitious plans” for 14 acquisitions in next 18 months.

Marc Boyan, founder of media bartering firm Miroma, has launched a new leisure division with the acquisitions of West End club Bar Rumba and the Maya Nightclub in Soho.

Miroma Leisure will be focused on the leisure and hospitality industry and Boyan said that the firm has “ambitious plans” to acquire 12 to 14 bars, restaurants and clubs within the next 18 months.

Boyan has appointed Richard Littman, former operations director at Chez Gerard, as managing director of the new business.

Marc Boyan, chief executive of Miroma Group, said: “Right now, many clubs and leisure businesses are suffering due to the recession, poor management and high costs.

“But they are still fundamentally good businesses, situated in prime locations, and offering punters a great experience. We are buying in at just the right time to reap the rewards when the economy improves.

“Coupled with this is our fresh approach thanks to the premiership people we have on board. Richard Littman is by far the brightest talent in the business and he will drive Miroma Leisure forward to secure its future as a major player in leisure and hospitality sector.

“Miroma Group encompasses barter company Miroma, media planning firm Buy Now Media and Digital Broadcasters, which provides businesses with digital communications,” he added.

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Boyan said that Miroma Group, one of the UK’s fastest growing firms, is currently reviewing a number of ‘significant business acquisitions’ and was recently one of the bidders for Coffee Republic, which was bought out of adminsitartion by Arab Investments Ltd in July.

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