The cloud-based smartphone product locator directing consumers to points of purchase

Founders: Gray Sycamore and Chris Nicholls
Launched: May 2013

‘How to turn advertising into sales’ is a conundrum that is as old as the concept of marketing itself, and one that businesses struggle with every day. Especially with the advent of social media, a company could achieve significant exposure amongst its target audience – but still fail to see an army of customers turning up.

Gray Sycamore and Chris Nicholls’ new start-up Mobileize aims to offer at least a partial solution to this problem with their cloud-based product locator than can be triggered from social media and advertising.

Through their geolocation system, one click from a Facebook, Twitter, magazine or outdoor ad will serve up the closet points of purchase on a consumer’s smartphone instantly, allowing them to follow through on their interest and head to a point of purchase.

By connecting consumers to their nearest store at the time when they are most receptive, footfall can be maximized across every purchase location, while making the brands existing marketing investments work much harder.

Of course, smartphone apps showing nearby businesses are nothing new; Mobileize is unique in that there is no app you need to download, it is 100% cloud based and works on any device with an html5 browser, anywhere in the world.

It is an idea with huge potential for global consumer goods brands across all sectors; three household name clients (Fullers Pubs, Adidas and the National Trust) are already on board and the founders are currently in discussions with global teams at Procter & Gamble, Coke, Nokia, Intel and Diageo, amongst others. With a patent application in the works, Mobileize looks set to corner the market in in-advertising geolocation for some time to come, and Sycamore and Nicholls are currently on the lookout for investment to fund rapid international expansion in 2014.


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