Monopoly gets a facelift

New addition of the property game breaks with traditional economic regions

London is the centre of all economic activity in the UK. At least that’s what we’re often led to believe when flicking through the business pages. We’re partial to it ourselves here at Startups HQ, often writing about London business initiatives, the London Development Agency, the London mayor’s economic pearls of wisdom – that last one was just last week, regular readers will have noticed.

In fact, many London entrepreneurs can be forgiven for thinking that business doesn’t really take place much outside of the capital – what with us journalists always banging on about London this, and the capital that.

It’s true a bigger percentage of start-ups are formed in the capital than anywhere else in the country – just under a quarter of England and Wales’ new business ventures to be exact. That leaves 75% of all the other new entrepreneurial flashes of inspiration spread out across this island.  

With this in mind it was comforting to see the new cities of Britain Monopoly board revealed this week. Positions on the board were decided by public vote with St Albans voted the nation’s prime real estate spot, taking Mayfair’s place.

More than a million people took part in the vote which saw London relegated to holding just one place on the board – Northumberland Avenue’s old spot. The capital only received 2.46% of the vote.

Scotland and Wales are represented by places for Dundee and Cardiff, while Northern Ireland makes an appearance with Belfast Airport.

So perhaps London isn’t the centre of the UK’s economic universe after all – something entrepreneurs outside the capital have been shouting from the rooftops for years.

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The Monopoly Here and Now UK edition went on sale on Tuesday.

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