More Balls Than Most

An amazing career packed into a compelling page-turner

More Balls Than Most Lara Morgan RRP £12.99

Lara Morgan’s life has essentially been a story of riches to rags, and back again. Having been packed off to boarding school while her father’s business was doing well, she was dragged into the real world when the company began to struggle; in the end she left school without A-levels, while her dad plumbed the depths of bankruptcy. Many people would have been ruined by this painful descent; not Morgan, however.

As she proudly recalls in More Balls Than Most, Morgan set about turning the tide – setting up her own hotel toiletries business, building it up from scratch and eventually selling it for £20m. Distilling such a remarkable journey down into a 200-page book must have been an onerous task, but Morgan has clearly poured every ounce of energy and enthusiasm into it.

The author is clearly not short of self-confidence – on the very first page, she tells us she’s a “world-class sales person” who has worked “outrageously hard” – but she is also imbued with a burning passion for business, and a genuine desire to help emerging entrepreneurs succeed. Her book is a fun page-turner, punctuated with relevant lessons and a clear understanding of the challenges faced by aspiring business owners.

The structure may be slightly jumbled at times, with the focus jumping around with no discernible chronological reason, but this failing is easy to forgive; each chapter is clearly tailored to the start-up entrepreneur, and the bullet-pointed ‘Lara’s Laws’ break each key business lesson down into quick, accessible chunks.

For all her success, Morgan has certainly not lost touch with Britain’s entrepreneurial fraternity. Her blueprint for success is compelling and comprehensive, without ever being patronising; she speaks the language of the everyday business owner, without the usual clutter of jargon and management speak. Anyone who wants to make a success of business life would be well-advised to take a look.

Published by Infinite Ideas.


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