Motor Republic

Franchising opportunity with provider of leasing solutions

Franchise name: Motor Republic
Franchise synopsis: Provide unrivalled automotive leasing solutions for every make of car, van, pick up truck or commercial vehicle!

Join Motor Republic as a regional director dealing with the public and every type of business to provide new vehicles on low monthly repayments and put yourself in the driving seat to an exciting lucrative new career

The franchise format has been carefully stress tested over recent years and the management team have taken a great deal of time to get the blueprint working efficiently and profitably in the hands of an independent owner operator. Franchising is a logical progression for the company allowing Motor Republic franchisees to own their own exclusive area and have industry leading backup from a management team that truly has their best interests at heart which is certainly not the case with many franchise companies.

Motor Republic has a core funding panel that underwrites substantial manufacturer discounts to it’s clients. As a franchise owner you will be in an enviable position being able to offer financial solutions from every major funder which is something very few companies can do. This means you have more options available on pricing and the actual deals which means your clients generally get the best deal available.

The leasing market

The supply of new cars on finance based packages is a fast growing trend amongst business owners who choose to preserve their cash and take advantage of the discounts and attractive tax breaks available. Personal customers too are far more aware of the potential to acquire a new vehicle on finance terms and the UK’s love affair with car ownership and the kudos of a new car every few years is driving demand.

Business blueprint

As a franchise owner you’ll enjoy an ultra low overhead business because most of the costs and resources you would need to set up in this business are already in place at Head Office and they’ll be extended to you before you even launch your franchise. A small home office is sufficient because your time will be spent on your clients premises not your own. You’ll need to trade in a manner which is compliant with certain regulatory rules, as we all do, but our compliance procedures and the support you’ll get from highly qualified industry professionals will ensure this is a smooth process for you.

Training and support

Motor Republic’s parent company, National Fleet Services, and all of its brands have been built on great people who are well trained and fully supported in what they do. The company has in house expertise that has trained dozens of industry professionals and Head Office currently has 35 staff to support every franchisees activity.

Your initial training and indeed your ongoing support will be integral to your future success and you’ll follow a carefully thought out training programme starting with a week at Head Office, and also in your own area and via the internet which covers everything you need to be successful in this market.

Your marketing

Whilst you are on training your franchise marketing programme will commence which involves a professionally created campaign that includes time proven traditional techniques alongside the latest digital marketing. So you’ll possess a marketing inventory of printed literature which can be posted or given, at the same time a mixture of telemarketing calls orchestrated from Head Office will commence. We’ll also announce your local launch with physical direct mail and e-shots alongside social media linked to a locally optimised web page.

The rewards

Working in the automotive industry is rewarding in more ways than one, it is an exciting market to be in with new models being launched all the time, and new technologies being announced. Literally everyone you meet will have an interest in what you do, because everyone you meet will probably be changing their vehicle at some point in the future!

Enjoying what you do, and the market place itself is important but an above average income is the icing on the cake! We would expect that, once established, your franchise should be delivering a minimum of £8,000 per month, rising to a significant six figure income for a mature franchise and we’d like to show you how this is attained, with real life examples at a future meeting.

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