Mouchel acquires Hedra and doubles its number

The public sector management consultancy market has another shake-up

Mouchel, the management consultancy firm, has doubled the size of its business through a £50m acquisition of Hedra, one of the UK's biggest independent groups.

The deal will hugely boost company's position in the public sector market and is reckoned to be the biggest deal in the sector since Mouchel's merger with Parkman in 2003.

Hedra has over 200 employees and more than 400 active associates throughout the UK. Its clients are predominantly in central and local government as well as in associated agencies.

Mouchel says the deal marks a ‘decisive step' in its transition from an engineering focused consultancy to a multi-disciplinary consulting and business services group.

Its last big deal was in November 2006 when it bought up Hornagold and Hills.

The new business will be led by Hedra chief executive Mark Campbell, who will join Mouchel's board. Lynton Barker, chairman of Hedra, will also be joining Mouchel in a strategic role.

Richard Cuthbert, Mouchel chief executive, comments: “The acquisition gives scale and breadth to Mouchel's position in the public sector.

“By merging Hedra with our existing management consultancy and project management practice, we move directly into the premier league in this area and strengthen our in-house capacity to deliver and transform single and multi-service outsourced contracts.”

Mark Campbell added: “The fit between our two businesses is excellent in terms of market focus and commitment to excellence in client delivery.

“There is also a strong cultural alignment. The combination of Mouchel and Hedra will create an organisation that can contribute significantly to the continuing transformation of public services organisations in the UK.”

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