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The ultimate guide to finding and moving offices for small businesses

Moving office or finding your first premise but not sure where to start? Get your copy of Making Moves London’s free start-up office guide which addresses your burning questions

Moving office is a crucial moment for your small business – but rarely do your needs and the needs of property providers align.

Whereas your start-up might crave flexible and affordable office options, the property industry demands security, expense and lengthy terms.

This can make finding office space a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be.

Commercial property finders Making Moves London have created a free ebook guide which covers everything you need to know.

Making Moves London’s CEO and co-founder Tobi Crosbie says a stressful office move can be avoided by remembering the six Ps: “Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Property Performance”.

But how can you prepare to find your first office location or get ready to move office? You just need ask the right questions:

Should you move into a serviced office, a short-term lease or a long-term lease? A serviced office is good for small businesses who have no immediate plans to scale up their office, but what about when you grow?

What space do you need? You don’t just need to fit in desks and meeting rooms. The modern office should include ‘breakout’ spaces and other amenities to ensure happy and productive employees.  

Acoustics are another consideration. Noise can be a big distraction for your employees so thinking about layout, flooring and walls is a must.

You also need to think about the future needs of your business as it grows. Growth means more space and more space means more money. Will your current office give you the flexibility to increase capacity without undergoing a relocation or not?

Then you need to kit it out. This could be anything from finding fixtures and fittings to a full design and build. But where can you find someone to do that for you?

Alienation? Net effective rent? Licence to alter? What does it all mean! Not understanding these terms could put you at the mercy of an unscrupulous salesperson.

Download Making Moves London’s free Start-up Guide here to find office space and moving offices to get the lowdown on everything office-related including:

  • What type of office is right for your business
  • Choosing the right property advisor
  • Understanding how much office space you really need
  • How to promote wellness in the workplace
  • The DOs and DON’Ts of moving office
  • The jargon you need to know about property

Find out how to create your ideal workspace, get top tips for your office fit out and more!

Henry Williams
Henry Williams

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