Mr Lee’s Noodles: The secrets behind our global growth

As a young British brand, this healthy pot noodle specialist has gained a foothold in overseas markets. Learn how your business can do the same

Does your small business have global potential? Yes?

Then it's essential you have an international growth strategy from day one; from the domain name you choose, to your product or service, to the name of your business.

Creating an international growth strategy is a lot easier than you may think – and it starts with a website that makes your business' presence appear global from the outset.

One start-up which has built a successful strategy using its website, and is gaining a strong foothold overseas with export sales, is Mr Lee's Noodles.

Specialising in gluten-free, gourmet, and healthy rice noodle cups using noodles sourced directly from Vietnam, real meat, and no MSG’s, artificial flavourings or additives, award-winning Mr Lee's Noodles retails across the UK, Germany, Australia, America and Scandinavia and the business expects 70% of its revenue will soon be made up from sales in global markets.

The brainchild of Damien Lee, the business started after Lee battled stage four cancer and realised there was a gap in the market for on-the-go pot noodles that not only tasted good, but were truly good for you with no nasties.

With the instant noodle market worth over £40bn, Lee has had to work to make Mr Lee's Noodles stand out to consumers and, by taking the approach of ‘thinking global, not local', he chose to launch Mr Lee's Noodles with a .com website to attract as much international custom as possible.

Explaining that “to be a truly global business, there was no alternative but to have a .com”, watch this quick video with Lee to understand the secrets behind Mr Lee's Noodles global growth and gain insights on how your business can appear global no matter how small, or early-stage.

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