Mush’s Sarah Hesz and Katie Massie-Taylor’s tips on winning over investors

Get investors to fall in love with you and your story and the rest will follow, so say the founders of the social platform for mums

Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz, co-founders of mum’s networking app Mush, spoke to us about their top tips for winning over investors.

The duo were interviewed as part of Plusnet Pioneers – a joint programme between business broadband and phone provider Plusnet and that’s sourced the expertise of some of the UK’s most high-profile and disruptive entrepreneurs.

As well as Sarah and Katie, Plusnet Pioneers 2018 has brought together innocent drinks and JamJar Investments co-founder Richard Reed, LDN Muscle (LDNM) co-founders Tom and James Exton, and Social Chain co-founder Steven Bartlett.

The founders say that, rather than sweating over getting your financial forecast right, you need to identify the key things that make you investable early on in your funding journey, so you know what areas to highlight in your pitch.

Next, you’re not just selling the idea, you need to show investors why you’re the best person to deliver the idea – what skills and qualities do you have that will convince them you can turn it into a profitable business?

Get investors to fall in love with you and your story says Sarah – “It’s this narrative that you have to be able to tell and you have to believe in 100%”. If they are invested in the narrative and invested in you, the rest will follow.

The final lesson Sarah and Katie have learnt from their experiences raising funding is that you should always raise more money than you think you’ll need. Not just because you will end up needing it, but also because it shows investors you have big ambitions for your business.

The Plusnet Pioneers campaign is on a mission to give a boost to the small businesses that are vital to the UK economy. You can find out more information about business broadband and phone provider Plusnet here.

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