Musical instrument retailer seek franchisees

Hobgoblin seeks music lovers for shops in Scotland

Musical instrument retailer Hobgoblin is currently seeking music lovers to help expand its franchise throughout Scotland.

The 30-year-old business, which sells acoustic instruments including guitars abd a wide variety of other stringed instruments and wind instruments, has nine stores across England, as well as a shop in America and an online retail site that stocks over 2,000 items. All shop staff are skilled musicians.

Hobgoblin’s founder, Pete McClelland, said he hopes to open stores in 10 more towns, with Inverness a key location due to the large number of festivals and live music events it hosts.

Hobgoblin aims to play an active role in the live music community by supporting and sponsoring many acoustic and folk festivals and concerts.

Hobgoblin franchisee Dave Soulsby, of Milton Keynes, said: “The appeal of Hobgoblin was its established name and instantly recognisable brand. This got us off to a better start than having to make a name for ourselves.

“obgoblin notified past customers in our area about our opening and so we were swamped on day one. Hobgoblin also actively support live music festivals which enhances the image and visibility of all the shops.

“As part of the franchise agreement we appear in national advertising as part of the group of shops – are therefore seen in places we could not have afforded to advertise as an individual store.”


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