Showcasing the wares of London’s market traders on the web, to visitors and residents

Company: myMzone
Founder: Ravi Jay
The proposition: An online marketplace that displays products from traditional London markets, offering a convenient way to browse their wares

London-based businesses should capitalise on the tourism spike which could lead to record summer sales – firmly establishing them for the future – says recent Middlesex University graduate Ravi Jay.

Jay initially created his business ‘myMzone’, an e-commerce website, as part of an Olympic-themed university project. “Around a fifth of visitors to London say that visiting shops and markets are very important reasons for their visits, so we decided to use this to establish and grow our business while helping others to do this too.

“We saw that the thousands of Olympic visitors descending on London would fall in love with markets like Camden, Borough and Portobello Road but struggle taking bulky purchases home in their luggage. Our solution allows market traders and small businesses to sell the products seen in London’s markets online. We already have over 80 merchants registered, with more approaching us daily.”

myMzone, which ships to the UK and overseas, allows visitors to leave London after 2012 and maintain a connection to it. Its business model targets locals too – even Londoners find it hard to keep up-to-date with what local markets have to offer, so one platform where they can view, compare and then purchase products is proving popular.

“We aim for London market traders and small businesses to be able to build on custom they have received during the Games and continue to reach their customer base outside London.”

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