The company who will take the applications off your desktop and put them in the cloud

Company Details

Company: Nasstar
Clients: Nearly 1,000, including easyGroup
Staff: 20
Who are you?

Charles Black, chief executive of Nasstar plc, which is traded on AIM.

What do you do?

We provide desktop computing over the internet, which means you access a hosted desktop rather than an on-site system. We are transforming computing by taking it from under your desk and putting it online, meaning you can access your desktop, Microsoft Office software, email, other applications, such as Sage, and all your company files from anywhere through a web browser.

Nasstar Hosted Desktop is a part of the rapidly growing trend known as Software as a Service (SaaS), making core desktop computing a simple internet subscription service rather than a cumbersome, capital-intensive headache.  

What does that mean in practice?

Freedom, value, simplicity and security. Freedom, in that you and your staff can access their desktop from anywhere. Value, as no capital expenditure is needed and computing services are now a simple pay-as-you-go utility, like electricity. This is compelling in the current economic climate as you don’t need to spend cash on boxes of software or server hardware. Simplicity, because there’s no more headaches about data back-up, licensing management, IT support or old versions of software, you just log-in through your browser and pay monthly. Security, in that your data is hosted and backed up in state-of-the-art data centres. Nasstar uses the same 128-bit encryption used for online banking.

What size company suits you?

Nasstar Hosted Desktop is truly scalable. The service works equally well for a 10-user company as it does for one that has 1,000, but 50 to 200 users is our sweet spot.

Why should I care?

Why would you want to spend money on IT staff, hardware and software when you can get better technology without the headache on a pay-as-you-go basis?  

What can you do for me that I cannot do myself?

We stop you from having to do all the things you have had to do yourself in the past. It’s imperative that directors stand back from their business and have the space and freedom to focus on growth strategies – Nasstar provides that for you. This is the way the world is going. The internet is the new delivery mechanism for computing.

What mistakes will you stop me from making?

Spending cash on things you don’t need. You don’t spend money on your own power station or putting up your own mobile phone networks, you just pay for these as services. The same principle now applies to computing – you can just rent it.  

Give me an example


One of our customers, Howards Group, is one of the largest estate agents in Norfolk with over 20 offices. By adopting our Hosted Desktop the company no longer has the headache of backing up data in multiple locations or the support overhead of fixing desktop PCs in lots of offices. Instead, they’ve focused resources on using SMS technology to send property details to prospective buyers .

Why should I trust you?

We’re a publicly quoted company. That means we submit ourselves to a strict regime of financial and legal scrutiny and everything we do is visible. We’ve been established for 10 years and have earned Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status. We’re a finalist in the CNET UK Business Technology Awards 2008 for Business Application of the Year.

What will it cost me?

Just £ 75 per subscriber per month, giving you a fully licensed hosted desktop. The monthly usage fee includes your Microsoft Office Professional licence and Hosted Exchange email licence.


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