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Neopost franking machines

Neopost franking machines offer a range of high-quality features that can be used in any business. Find out more today

Founded in 1924, Neopost is a franking machine manufacturer that has extended in recent years to cover customer communications management, as well as various other services which are essential to franking and customer management in general. Though they are involved in various technologies, Neopost still remains primarily a franking machine and mailroom equipment supply company.

If you begin working with Neopost to improve your mailing processes, then you will be able to access a range of services and benefits. Cost-saving, for example, is one of the most important factors for small businesses, with franking offering substantial saving opportunities.

Though franking still relies on several of its traditional technologies in everyday use, Neopost is also working hard through their Neopost Labs team to improve the sector.

Find out more about Neopost on this page – compare franking machine options and discover the tools and accessories that will be most suitable for your business. If you are interested in other information, then our franking machine rental, franking machine prices or small business franking machine pages may be useful.

It is also important to mention that, for new users interested in franking, Neopost partner with Royal Mail, meaning that businesses can feel safe knowing that they will get the best deal possible.

Neopost franking machine

Neopost franking machines are an excellent option for any modern business in need of postal tools. Available in a range of styles and to match any budget, whatever your business or franking requirement, you can surely find a suitable tool.

In this section, we have collected information together for some of the top Neopost franking machines, with details included both in the table and sections below. Take a look now to find out more about which machine might be best for your business.

Franking Machine Feature Cost
Neopost IJ25 Franking Machine Mail volumes up to 50 per day. £495
Neopost IS200 franking machine Designed for smaller businesses. £1,250
Neopost IS350 franking machine Good for small volumes. £3,500
Neopost IS440 franking machine Excellent for larger volumes of sendouts, but not industrial in scale. £4,000

The prices in the table above may not be exact – to ensure that you budget correctly complete the form at the top of this page and compare quotes. Additionally, if you require a larger scale franking machine, then you can find out about these options by filling in the form.

Neopost IJ25 franking machine

Neopost IJ25
Though the Neopost IJ25 has been discontinued by Neopost, it is still available to purchase in a ‘used’ condition from various suppliers.

This franking machine model is an excellent option, processing up to twenty pieces of mail per minute. This machine has a 2kg integral weighing platform included, with a postage top up system.

Available for around £495, Neopost’s IJ25 franking machine is an incredible option for any small business in need of basic or entry-level equipment. Though the figure quoted here may not seem like a huge amount for some businesses, it may put off others – when this is the case, it is possible to rent the machine for as little as £22.95 per month.

Though some businesses may not consider this to be the best option – given that the line has been discontinued – it can be a great choice. It is also worth remembering that this franking machine is generally provided with a warranty, along with a contracted period of maintenance cover.

Neopost IS200 franking machine

Neopost IS 280c
The Neopost IS200 franking machine is another excellent choice for small businesses in need of quality postage equipment.

Though this machine, like others, will not be suitable for large businesses where mailing is continuous, it will be an excellent option in those where it needs to happen daily, but in smaller quantities.

Available for £1,250 this machine is an excellent choice for small businesses on a relatively small budget. Though it is more expensive than the model above, it is a more powerful choice, with some added functions.

Like other models in this list, the Neopost IS200 is available both for the total sum mentioned above, but also on a lease or rental basis, with a variety of costing options on offer. The best way to discover these options is to speak to a supplier today – complete the form at the top of the page to do so.

Neopost IS350 franking machine

Neopost IS350
The Neopost IS350 franking machine offers a range of smart features to help small businesses understand and complete their mailing projects. With automatic rates constantly updated to ensure that your business is compliant and on budget, this is an excellent, no-hassle choice.

With a price tag of £3,500, the IS350 is a pricier option than those above, though there are also rental or lease choice here too.

Like other models, the Neopost IS350 franking machine is available with maintenance and a warranty included in the contract to ensure that your business is safe in its purchase for as long as it requires the equipment.

If you run a small to medium sized business with regular mailing requirements, this could be an excellent option. To find out more about it, and other franking machines, simply complete the form at the top of the page.

Neopost IS440 franking machine

Neopost IS440
At £4,000 the Neopost IS440 franking machine is the most expensive model in this list. Like the option above, this machine provides users with a range of advanced features which are not available with the cheaper franking machines.

Like the first option in list, the Neopost IS440 has now been discontinued – however it is still available in a ‘used’ condition. To this day, it is still considered a good choice for small to medium businesses.

Though it has not been mentioned with other options, it is possible to improve this model with upgrades or added features. Adding just a few of them, for example, could push your price above £6,000. Of course, if your business relies on franking, this may not be an issue.

With this machine and with all the others, it is important to remember that you will save by franking in the first place, meaning that the overall cost may – over time – become redundant compared to the savings made.

Neopost franking machine services

As mentioned above, many franking machines are provided with maintenance and servicing features included in contract. This is the case with Neopost machines too, with various servicing plans available to ensure that your business can operate effectively.

  • Neopost warranty – A Neopost warranty protects customers from damages or issues that are not caused by their own negligence. Like many electronic or technology warranties, the Neopost coverage provides protection in the event of fault with equipment.
  • Neopost servicing – As with other forms of office equipment, servicing can be included in your contract when you purchase, lease or rent a Neopost franking machine. Servicing will help in various areas, providing maintenance and repairs if required, as well as check-ups and training where required to ensure that your business makes the most of your equipment.
  • Neopost supplies – Neopost supplies can also be included in many cases. Find out more about the various options in the section below.

Neopost supplies

Neopost franking requires both the machine equipment, as well as some other supplies too. Some of these supplies are relatively obvious, with envelopes and ink being integral, whereas others may not occur to businesses until they get to the franking process itself.

  • Neopost ink cartridges – Neopost ink is essential to the running of your franking machine. There are a range of options available, with different colours and sizes fitting different machines. The range of choices allows all businesses to work effectively, whatever their ink needs.
  • Envelopes – Though you will most likely be able to use standard or generic envelopes to send your mail, Neopost can supply them too. These options can be included as part of contracts or servicing agreements, which can save money in some cases.
  • Accessories – Accessories can cover a range of things. From printers to weighing scales, Neopost supplies can all be used to improve project efficiency. If you require any of these options, then you should speak to suppliers about what is available and suitable for you.

Neopost supplies are designed specifically to suit their franking machines. Using this stationery is therefore one of the best ways to work effectively.

Compare Neopost franking machine quotes

The information on this page should help you to understand the value that a Neopost franking machine can add to your business. For more information though, you should speak to suppliers – Startups can help here.

By completing the form at the top of this page, we can put you in touch with Neopost and other UK franking machine suppliers to ensure that your business finds the best deal. The quotes offered to you will be based on your exact requirements.

This comparison process is free, quick and easy, and it could help your business to save both time and money. Fill in the form to find out more today!

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