New Bamboo

The company that offers a refreshing approach to web development

Company Details

Company: New Bamboo Based: London Website: Clients: 12 clients and 10 full-time staff
Who are you?

Damien Tanner and Max Williams, co-founders and directors of New Bamboo.

What do you do?

Our company is a specialist in bespoke web application development.

What does this mean in practice?

Building applications ranging from project management software to complete e-commerce solutions.

What size company suits you?

From tech start-ups to big global brands. We have been involved with numerous new ventures and have particular experience in developing social networking sites. Our work with both small companies and larger organisations involves developing web tools highly specific to their business.

Why should I care?

Developing a web application is a complex process, whether it’s an internal tool for your business or your online store. We are specialists in a project management methodology known as Agile, which is highly collaborative and involves constant feedback. It acknowledges that change is inevitable and that the best ideas will occur during the development process. We have fortnightly meetings with clients, where we go through what we’ve done over the past two weeks and plan ahead for the next. The various aspects of the application’s functionality are written down on index cards as ‘user stories’. This is done from the end user’s perspective, and might include things like being able to sign in or post videos onto the site. Each job is allocated  points depending on how much time it will take to implement, with one point equalling one day of a programmer’s time. The client then decides with us the priorities for the next two weeks, based on how long each element will take.

What mistakes will you stop me from making?

The Agile methodology solves many of the problems associated with traditional approaches to web development, such as missed deadlines, budget overruns and misaligned expectations. It involves regular meetings between the development team and all of the stakeholders. Every meeting acts as a course correction and ensures that the requirements are met, not just at the end, but throughout the whole process. When using traditional methodologies, the client often has to submit a request if they change their mind about something, which then has to be priced up and generally leads to the project running over budget and beyond the deadline. With us, the budget and deadline stay fixed. What’s flexible is what the client chooses to implement within that time.

What can you do that I cannot do myself?

Build a beautifully crafted, well-architected and scalable web application. To get the best out of your web application, it’s essential to use the latest technology. We are specialists in a rapid application development framework known as Ruby on Rails. When we launched New Bamboo two years ago, Ruby on Rails was still very new. It makes the development of web applications a lot easier and gives a much nicer code base. Essentially, it allows you to build well-architected applications far more rapidly than Java or .Net, allowing you to get more done.

Give me an example

Last month we celebrated the successful launch of a new environmental social network called Edenbee ( We worked closely with the start-up to deliver an engaging site, which allows users to track their carbon uses and collaborate to reduce their carbon emissions. We’re also working on many other exciting projects with organisations, including Amnesty International and Scholastic UK.

Why should I trust you?

We’re industry leaders who are passionate about what we do. More importantly, it’s vital that the development company you work with understands the real goals and business needs of your project, and we make sure these are clear.

What will it cost me?

The budget and team size depends on the individual project, but cost typically falls between £20,000 and £250,000.


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