New online portal for angel investors launched

Kuber Ventures’ KuberView will serve as ‘one-stop shop’ for reporting and administration of early stage business investments

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) platform Kuber Ventures today announced the launch of a new online portal, which it claims will allow users to track their investments in early-stage businesses on the move.

The portal, named Kuberview, claims to serve as a ‘one-stop shop’ for financial advisers and their clients to monitor investments on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, with a particular emphasis on EIS-backed funds.

The portal will also provide access to a range of resources, information and documents for EIS investments, including EIS certificates.

Over time Kuber Ventures says new features will be introduced including the ability to provide access to financial accounts, management information and other third party content such as specialist news feeds.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is a scheme designed to incentivise investment into early-stage businesses by providing investors with a range of tax reliefs.

Dermot Campbell, managing partner of Kuber Ventures, said: “The EIS market is thriving and with it comes the need for the infrastructure and technology to support this growth.

“This new service will make life easier for investors, portfolio managers and the advisory community when it comes to managing investments and reporting back to clients. KuberView utilises Adaptive Portal technology designed by leading financial software specialist, Digital Keystone Ltd. As well as the latest design and functionality, security remains paramount with advanced secure log-ins and user protection.”

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