New research suggests businesses can use colour to influence customers

Consumers attribute different colours to certain business traits, study reveals

Buying decisions are heavily influenced by the colours businesses use in their branding, new research from Samsung UK Print Division suggests.

In a study of 1,000 UK adults an average of 23% of participants correctly matched colours with previously identified business characteristics.

Subconsciously, the colour most associated with successful businesses and prosperity was red, with the highest proportion of participants (29%) identifying the colour with these business traits.

Confirming the previously held views of colour psychologists, 22.5% of participants associated yellow with creativity, while 17% named black as the most professional colour and 19% linked green to good customer service.

Launched in conjunction with Samsung’s new range of A4 colour laser printers, the research is supported by colour psychologist and founder of consultancy Colour Affects Angela Wright, who claims that 80% of colour influence is based on instinct.

Graham Long, vice president of corporate sales and IT solutions at Samsung UK encourages business owners to consider the effects of colour when branding their companies: “Through this research, we wanted to help businesses to understand how colour affects consumer behaviour.

“From printed documents to the colours of the paint in their offices; the use of colour has an effect which will ultimately impact on a company’s prosperity.

“For example, if consumers react negatively to a brand, the other design elements must work twice as hard to overcome the powerful negative effect of the colours on the crucial first impression.”


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