New site aims to turn everyday consumers into informed investors

More than a million investment decisions catalogued and analysed

A new website aiming to demystify the savings and investment industry has gone live to the public.

InvestorBee is designed to enable everyday consumers to make informed investment decisions by tracking what other UK investors are doing – and demonstrating the results they are getting. The site will analyse data from more than a million UK investors and 30,000 different financial products to give its users the latest, most relevant advice on all manner of investment products. In addition, users can take an ‘investment health check’ to gauge the viability of the decisions they make, and even make a ‘virtual investment’ – selecting a particular financial solution and tracking its progress, without actually parting with any money. The site is being driven by data insight company DCisions, whose managing director Graham Mannion said: “By opening our data to the public we’re giving them the simple and useful facts they deserve. Our aim is to help people get a better deal from an industry that has been complicated and confusing for too long. “InvestorBee will shine a light to help consumers make smart and confident decisions about their savings and investments.”


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