New study reports 180% growth in top 10 online small firms

The 10 fastest-growing online businesses in Britain have seen visitor traffic increase by 180% over the past year, according to a new study.

The report, published by Experian today, ranks Britain’s 10 most dynamic online enterprises – and shows that there are plenty of opportunities for lesser known companies.

The Student Room, an online undergraduate forum which accounts for 16.83% of all visits to the top 10 over the last 12 months, tops the list for overall traffic.

However in terms of visitor increase, translation and dictionary tool Babylon is well out in front, having seen traffic increase by 543% since July last year.

The research also revealed that online businesses are getting far more traffic from Facebook and Google than Twitter – a sign that marketers are failing to exploit the latter’s full potential.

While the ten fastest-growing companies received 31% of visits via Google, and 12% via Facebook, less than 1% came from the Twitter micro-blogging site.

Simon Streat, managing director, SME, at Experian UK & Ireland, said: “Our research showcases a number of small firms that clearly have the skills and know-how to succeed online through effective promotion and savvy marketing. However, there are also missed opportunities.

“Many small businesses are Google-centric and may not be tapping into other sites such as Bing or Yahoo! Similarly, smaller businesses are seemingly missing a trick by failing to engage with Twitter, despite its substantial user base and the ease of use and immediacy it offers.

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“The diversity of sites in our top ten shows it’s not necessarily about what your business does, but whether it has great online knowledge and expertise to fuel its growth.”


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