‘News-meets-collaboration’ platform Cronycle bags $2.6m Series A

Research tool allows users to sift through media feeds to find relevant content and collaborate with their teams

Cronycle, a London-based ‘news-meets-collaboration’ platform has raised $2.6m in Series A funding from Andurance Ventures.

Founded in 2013, Cronycle enables users to sift through Twitter and RSS feeds to find the content they find most interesting and then curate it into a single platform.

Currently using a ‘freemium’ model, users have the ability to add articles, annotate, tag and highlight information within the articles in collaboration with their teams.

Nicolas Granatino, founder and CEO, commented:

“When you and your team have a single place to aggregate articles and annotate them relevant to a project, that’s when ideas start coming together.

“Cronycle is the perfect tool for any person or business that needs to cipher through the problem of mass media in order to find and make sense of information.”


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