“Facial coding” start-up Realeyes secures €3.6m

Company uses facial recognition technology to understand human feelings and emotions

Realeyes, a UK start-up which claims to be able to measure people’s feelings via webcam, has secured a €3.64m grant from the European Commission to help develop its technology.

Funded alongside Imperial College London (ICL), Realeyes uses “facial coding” through webcams to detect six basic emotions including happy, scared, and anger. It can then use this technology to determine how engaged people are when watching video content.

It intends to use the grant to advance the abilities of its technology and hopes it will be able to gauge whether a viewer likes or dislikes the material they are watching.

ICL’s Professor Maja Pantic will be leading the research into the tech developments and will be working with a number of leading names such as AOL, Ipsos, Skype and Kaplan.

Pantic said: “It's fantastic that a company at the cutting edge of technology, such as Realeyes, has such close ties to academia. It means academic breakthroughs can find real-life applications through commercial partnerships very quickly.”

Realeyes CEO, Mihkel Jäätma, added: “It's very exciting to be part of this powerful consortium aiming to master new indicators of behaviour that were previously too subtle, even to the human eye.”


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