Innocent Drinks and Wahanda founder lead $1.1m Sup seed round

London-based app Sup will alert you when friends are nearby and aims to get people "to stare at their phones less"

Pre-launch social discovery app Sup has closed $1.1m seed funding with backing from high-profile names such as Innocent Drinks and JamJar founders Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright, and the founder of Wahanda; Lopo Champalimaud.

The Collective Elevator and early-stage fund Force Over Mass Capital also participated in the round.

Founded by ex-ex-Google executive Rich Pleeth and ForeverBeta's Robin Gadsby and Al Fayolle, Sup intends to bring people together by alerting them when friends are within a selecting perimeter using a radar. Users can then send a Sup, Voice Sup or text and meet up with friends offline.

The founders say the app differs from the likes of Google's Latitude as it doesn't show an individual’s exact location and thus removes the ability to track people.

Sup's overall goal is to encourage people to “stare at their phones less and see their friends in the flesh” with the investment set to go towards launching the app and building a team in London's Tech City and New York.

Pleeth commented: “When people come together, magic happens and with Sup, you can use an app whilst not being tracked.

“If you’re bored at lunch, after work or in a new city, you don’t want to broadcast your exact location to the world, but you’re happy to share that you’re in a particular radius with friends that are also in that radius.”



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  1. I recently met a startup called PinU that did the exact same thing and launched a month ago, seems like these guys ripped them off.