New start-up Gluru closes $1.5m seed round to propel growth ambitions

Machine learning platform will look to organise our “cluttered digital lives”

An app created by ex-Google, Amazon, Apple and Shazam executives today announced the closing of a $1.5m seed round, led by investors Playfair Capital and GECAD group with participation from angels.

Claiming to save its users 165 hours a year and deliver information before you know you need it, Gluru is a machine-learning platform which brings order to the ever increasing unstructured mass of files, documents and messages cluttering up our devices.

Operating completely in the background, the system learns the way you use files each day organises them and delivers data back to you when and how you need it.

The first of a suite of apps, Gluru assistant will be released in the first quarter of 2015 as a personal digital file assistant, automatically surfacing relevant information when triggered. For example – if you make, receive or miss a call or a heading to a meeting the app will recommends the files you need.

The investment will be used to expand the team, accelerate product development and cross-platform offerings, as well as supporting the company’s infrastructure, including sales, marketing and communications.

Gluru CEO and founder, Tim Porter, said: “Gluru will do for your own personal and business data what Google Now is attempting for web data – instantly assess and continuously learn about the information you need, to predict and deliver it when you need it…often before you realize it yourself.

“For personal use, this means simplifying your life; for business, drastically improved productivity, workflow and operational performance.”

Partner at GECAD Group, Diwaker Singh, added:

“With its platform, Gluru is poised to truly transform the way we interact with and leverage data to our advantage, both at home and in the workplace.”


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