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74% of marketers say social media holds the key to a successful product launch

Businesses can no longer afford to rely on traditional marketing to promote a product - new research shows TV and PR advertising is being replaced by more creative ideas…

Launching a product? New research has revealed social media is key with 74% of marketers in agreement that social media is the top priority when creating a marketing campaign to promote a new product.

Commissioned by launch specialist marketing agency Five by Five, the research involved interviews with over 730 senior brand marketers from the UK, the US and Australia.

Sales promotion ranked as the second most important consideration for marketers, followed by email campaigns, press advertising, PR, and TV advertising; highlighting a move away from traditional marketing styles.

72% of the marketers agreed that the creative ideas behind launch campaigns have become braver over the last five years. The recent shift in Christmas advertising is a good example of this.

Other findings shed light on the reasons behind social media’s popularity among marketing professionals.

46% agreed that the most notable benefit of social media is its potential for building awareness about a product ahead of its launch and 64% said that they utilise social listening – the monitoring of online conversations surrounding a product – when building campaigns.

When it comes to the basics of launching a product, 81% of the marketers surveyed said that the time between the conception of an idea and the resulting product launch has shortened since 2011 – 70% can now plan and execute a campaign within six months or less.

With time constraints to consider, social media’s potential for connecting marketers with consumers instantly is a practical asset.

Martin Flavin, creative director at Five by Five, commented: “Social media has become the most important way to generate buzz for new products and services before they appear.

“Shareable content and social engagement allow brands to create a groundswell of pre-launch interest in a way no other channel can match.”

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