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These are the top 10 characteristics of UK small business owners

New research reveals that, if you want to make it as an entrepreneur, you need to possess the following traits...

Want to start a business? You'll need to be able to work independently, have passion in abundance, and have a desire to help people; according to research of the top characteristics possessed by successful small business owners.

Conducted by Vistaprint, the study explored the similarities and differences among small business owners (SBOs) with less than 50 staff and full-time employees (FTEs) and found that SBOs were more likely to have strong characters, be emphatic and confident, and hold a love for their job, than FTEs.

In contrast, FTEs were far more likely to be motivated by money in their career than SBOs – 43% as opposed to 34.3%, despite having less of a desire to make money than SBOs.

FTEs were also less likely to value work-life balance (12% of FTEs compared to 23% of SBOs).

So, do you think you have what it takes to make it as a successful small business owner? Make sure you possess the following 10 characteristics:

Characteristics % of SBOs who said they possess these traits % of FTEs who said they possess these traits
1. Independent 45.8% 31.8%
2. Passionate about work 31.3% 16.3%
3. Desire to help people 30.6% 26.9%
4. Desire to make money 30.1% 29.1%
5. Love for job 29.6% 14.4%
6. Unique 27.5% 22.9%
7. Empathetic 26.6% 23.4%
8. Confident 25.3% 15.8%
9. Strong character 22.6% 14.1%
10. Ambitious 20.5% 15.8%

The survey was conducted among 1,600 respondents, split between 800 small businesses owners and 800 full-time employees.


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