Nominate Europe’s most “start-up-friendly” corporates

Index, which last year ranked Cisco as its top ‘Startup Star’, celebrates the corporates creating mutually beneficial partnerships with start-ups

Nominations have opened to find the most “start-up-friendly” corporates in Europe, following in the footsteps of 2016’s inaugural index, run by

This year run by advisory firm Mind the Bridge and innovation foundation Nesta, Europe’s 25 Corporate Startup Stars celebrates companies that have “gone the extra mile to establish mutually-beneficial partnerships with start-ups”.

Read our index of last year’s 25 European Corporate Startup Stars here

Chaired by serial entrepreneur and investor Sherry Coutu, the expert panel of judges will take into account favorable procurement terms, partnerships, accelerators, direct investment, mentoring, intrapreneurship schemes, competitions or any other dedicated internal programmes.

Last year’s winner was multinational technology company Cisco; recognised for its Entrepreneurs in Residence corporate venturing programme, which builds strategic relationships with start-ups and scale-ups building disruptive technologies.

Chris Haley, head of start-ups and new technology research at Nesta, commented: “Collaboration between corporates and start-ups, if done right, can bring tremendous benefit to both. Start-ups can access invaluable resources and market insight which can help them scale, whilst for established companies, such collaborations offer an important mode of innovation – as well as subtler benefits like cultural change.

“However, it is hard to get it right. We believe that the organisations doing this well should be recognised as trailblazers, and hope that they inspire others to follow suit.”

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Nominations are open until Wednesday 12 April – the nomination form can be found here.


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