Nominet Trust launches ‘NT100’ tech social enterprise awards

Index to celebrate 100 of the best social tech innovations across the globe

Nominet Trust, the charitable arm of the body which owns the domain name extension, today announced the launch of its second annual Nominet Trust 100 (NT100) index, a list of businesses and entrepreneurs using innovative technology for social change.

It announced a worldwide call for people to nominate ventures that they felt were using technology in imaginative ways to “make the world a better place”, from tackling human rights abuses and climate change to boosting health and education.

Nominet Trust said research compiled from last year’s finalists highlighted how social tech organisations felt more needed to be done  to promote awareness of the burgeoning sector – whilst 83% said there had been a marked increase in awareness of tech for social good, nearly two-thirds said existing efforts to raise awareness were not enough.

100 winners from across the globe will be published in the NT100 2014 index, a list of the “most inspiring” social tech projects currently in existence.

Nominet Trust said its research showed that mobile tech, including apps, was a particular area of tech with the potential to drive social change, with rapidly rising rates of usage in less economically developed regions including sub-Saharan Africa.

Charles Leadbeater, chair of the Nominet Trust, said: “The digital technologies we commonly use today have been taken up at such speed and scale because they change our lives for the better. They give us access to knowledge, connect us to our friends, get us better deals and even get us organised.

“But in order to unleash the power of the web for the greater good, we need solutions designed for a world of Google, Apple and Facebook, of apps and social media, Big Data and Internet of Things, smartphone and tablets.”

Applications for the NT100 index are open until 26 September, and anyone from any country can submit details of a project or organisation for consideration. Applications can be made by clicking here or via Twitter, by tweeting @socialtechguide using the hashtag #nt100.



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