Northgate buys up Kendric Ash

Northgate Information Solutions plc has bought Kendric Ash for an initial payment of £9.2m

Northgate Information Solutions plc has bought Kendric Ash for an initial payment of £9.2m from the company’s founder Kenneth Mander.

The deal also includes a deferred payment of £500,000 and a further payments of up to £4.5m over a two-year period, depending on the new company’s performance.

Kendric Ash is a public-sector focused management consultancy primarily focused on helping local government to become more efficient.

Its buyer, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, provides software and IT services to the human resources and public service markets suggesting a possible crossover in terms of clients.

Northgate also has long-term contracts providing payroll services to major clients including Alliance Boots, Thistle Hotels and the University of Southampton.

Dave Meaden, managing director of Northgate Public Services, said: “I am delighted to welcome the new team to Northgate. Like us, they are passionate about public services and are committed to continuous innovation, collaboration and community well-being which places the citizen at the heart of public services.

“Public services and the utilities are constantly under pressure to deliver value for money and effective services to their citizens.

“The private sector has to deliver new forms of partnership and innovative models of working with the public sector. These must offer flexibility and greater control for the sector, add value and save cost whilst delivering high-performing services.

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